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Logo Design

Over my career, I have created hundreds of logos for different clients and marketing campaigns. Logos are a critical aspect of business marketing―they represent a company’s overall brand identity in a glance. Your logo becomes the single most visible manifestation of your company, to be used on stationary, websites, business cards, advertising, signage, and more. These logos represent an array of my logo work.

My process:
Before I start designing, I send new clients a questionnaire that gives me insight into their business, style, messaging, and vision. After I receive that crucial information, I will create several versions of a logo and, from there, narrow down the design per the client’s feedback. Because a logo is critical to a business’ success, I believe that it is important to produce several versions go through several rounds of design with various font options and placements before a final logo is decided upon. Your logos needs to convey the vision and goals of your business quickly and with clarity.